greenhouse herbs
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Greenhouse Herbs

Herbs are a part of daily living for the naturalist and for the cook who loves that great taste! You don’t have to spend lots of money to have a huge variety of herbs that you can use continually in your kitchen, all you have to do is use your greenhouse environment to grow herbs all winter long.

There are a variety of herbs that you can raise in your greenhouse that will grow in containers. You can move them outdoors in the summer months and use them just anytime that you want. Most all of your herbs are going to want sun through out the day, where they are going to have sunshine for at least six hours of day. Be sure to check with the instructions to your seeds or for seed plants that you are planting in cases you come across different varieties.

Thyme is available in many different varieties; some are hardier than others. All of the Thyme herbs are edible and useful in your kitchen. Thyme is really an evergreen plant that will come back year after year, if you are growing it in your outdoor gardens, but in the greenhouse you will notice little purple flowers all the time as you control the environment. One important thing about growing Thyme is that you shouldn’t add fertilizers to the soil, as this will kill the plant. They can survive in a well draining soil. To use Thyme you simply have to cut it, hang it and let it dry. After Thyme is dry you can crush for your recipes.

Parsley is an herb used in most all kitchens for that Italian taste in so many dishes. Parsley is best grown from seed in a soil that is rich in well rotten manure. Parsley can tolerate both the sun and partial shade, so you can consider it an easy to handle herb for in your greenhouse. Parsley is made up of thick green foliage that is almost like a small bush in a container. Water only when the soil is dry to your touch for the best results.

Dill is an herb that has aromatic leaves and light yellow colored flowers. The dill herb is one plant that you will use both the seeds and the leaves for recipes in your home. In the late summer you can harvest the dill seeds that are used for pickling other vegetables from your garden! The dill plants are best grown from seed.

Chives is another herb that is used in many kitchens and can be grown in the greenhouse with ease. Chives are a grassy type foliage that will produce a light purple colored flower heads. Chives will thrive best in the sunny spot in your greenhouse using a soil that allows the water to drain. Chives can be cut back any time during the year when you need a bit. All you have to do is dry them out and use as a powder or you can cut the grass back and chop like you would an onion. You can grow chives from both dividing the plant into new containers or you can start them from seed.

Basil is yet another herb that is great in a container in the greenhouse. Basil is used both fresh and dried in recipes so you can take your choice. Basil has mint taste that will add to many of your recipes. Basil plants like the sun, watering often but in a soil that will drain well. Your Basil can be picked when the stems reach anywhere from five to seven inches tall. They will continue to grow through out the year so you are always going to have Basil on hand for your kitchen. If the flowers have appeared on the Basil stems, it is best to dry out the stems for use other wise you will have a bit of a stronger tasting basil.

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