Sunshine Greenhouse Anatomy

Let's take a closer look!

Below we will go into detail on the components and features of the Sunshine Greenhouse

  • More Room

    The roof peak is tall providing more growing space, head room and protecting plants by capturing hot air well above growing plants and providing room for hanging baskets.

  • Beautiful & Long Lasting Redwood Frame

    Redwood is a natural insulator and deos not require any special treatment to ensure its long life.

    Resistant to insects and fungus, redwood is a great framing choice.

  • Dutch Doors

    Not only is the door attractive, it provides an additional vent for extra air flow when needed.

  • A Roof for All Seasons

    THe 45 degree pitched roof captures more light during the short winter days when the sun is low on the horizon. It also reduces the accumulation of snow in the winter.

  • sunshine greenhouse automatic roof vent

    Temperature Control

    Each kit includes automatic vent openers for each vent which start opening at about 65 degrees and are fully open at 80 degrees. No batteries or electric supply is required. The hydraulic cylinder is filled with wax, which when warmed, expands pushing open the vents. Vents automatically close as the greenhouse cools.

  • sunshine greenhouse bench

    Optional Bench

    Our matching utility bench is easy to install and makes a great working and growing space.

    Benches on the Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainier greenhouses with wheelchair accessible doors are 21" deep.

    Benches on the Mt. Rainier are 31" deep.

  • Fungus & Insect Proof Base

    The base is made of recycled plastic that looks like wood and that allows you to build your greenhouse directly on the ground without concern.

  • Amazing Glazing

    The roof and wall panels are made with virtually indestructible polycarbonate. Twin-wall construction provides insulation and diffuses sunlight so that the interior receives even lighting. Treated with a UV coating to prevent discoloration and a drip guard coating.

  • Assembles in Hours

    The only tools required are a 6' ladder, a tape measure and a power drill.

  • Watch Us Build One First

    Each kit includes a video showing the assembly of the kit.

  • Strong Connectors

    We use strong zinc-plated metal brackets to connect the panels and for the optional anchor kit.

  • sunshine greenhouse rear floor vent

    Maximize Flow

    Not only is there a vent at the top of the roof, but also at the lower back to let cool air enter and create cross air circulation.