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Propagation Bench

While this is a very technical sounding term, the propagation bench is actually a space that you create so you can create new plants and bring new seeds to life through the useful tasks that you have learned. The propagation bench doesn’t have to be in the greenhouse but this is more like a space that you have set aside with all the needed materials and goodies that you need to start the process.

If you have a small greenhouse your propagation space could be in your laundry, in your basement or in any other easy to access space that you have, and it doesn’t have to be bright from the sun to be valuable. First off the size of your propagation area. This is going to be where you start seeds and plants that will later move to other spots or to your greenhouse. So, depending on how many seeds you are going to start at one particular time, this is how big you want your propagation area to be. What all can be found in the propagation area (that makes up the propagation bench): you will find an electric outlet, a water source (or at least a mister) a bottom heat pad, and all of this will sit on a flat surface. The heat source, electric is a plastic pad that plugs in and heats the soil that the seeds are placed in. The water source, the misters, is what gently will water your plants. If you don’t have a misting system it is best to water your seedlings and your new plants from the bottom by soaking them in a bucket or pool of water. You will find many types of bottom heaters and you will have to find one that suits your tastes, but one of the worst is a cable filled mat where water can get into the mat and rust out the wires after just a few years. One thing that most gardeners will agree on is that when choosing a mat, the thicker the heating mat that you buy the longer it is going to last through your waterings and through the storage periods that is must endure as well.

You would have a good open location for your propagation space. You aren’t going to want ‘things’ falling into your space and into your seedlings so a nice open space is going to work well. You will also want a space that is pet and childfree if you are going to keep your propagation bench in your home. A thermostat heat pad will work best as a choice for propagation bench because seedlings will like the soil to be at least seventy degrees Fahrenheit for the best results. While your home might not be humid enough, the propagation space or bench should be located where the humidity is about seventy five to eight percent humidity for good air moisture which will help your seedlings along quite nice. Don’t forget to bottom water your tiny seedlings for best results and use a fluorescent light to make them strong after they are about an inch high.

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