misting system inside of a greenhouse kit
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What is a Mister?

The first time I saw this word used in a gardening and greenhouse conversation I couldn’t figure out what in the world they were talking about. Just the word mister thrown in a sentence about gardening without any prior reference to the word was confusing. Anyway, I have since learned many things about gardening and greenhouse hobby gardens, and what the word mister means for me – so let’s discover a little bit about what a mister can do for you and your hobby greenhouse garden!

Your plants require cool air, hot air, humid air and water to grow, thrive and to produce. How you use gardening tools to benefit your greenhouse garden will vary according to where you live and how hot the climate is where you are. Misting systems are a watering system in the greenhouse, usually on a timer, that provide a fog like wetness for your plants and flowers to keep them cooler. It is important to maintain a humidity level in the greenhouse that is good for growing and producing plants. A healthy greenhouse garden needs a humidity level about fifty to seventy percent. When your humidity levels are higher in the greenhouse garden, you don’t have to water your plants and flowers as often because the soil is kept more most with a higher humidity level. A misting system is also useful in keeping the air and your plants in the greenhouse cool. With the use of the fine almost invisible water system lowers the air temperatures in the greenhouse as it evaporates.

Each greenhouse garden does have it’s own needs, and if you need a mister that offers your plants and flowers more water than a fine mist, you can obtain misters that spread high amounts of water particles in the greenhouse. If you are located in a hot climate or in a dry climate for the summer growing months, a watering mister will provide your greenhouse garden with some of the best controls for the garden environment.

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