Plants in Containers
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Plants in Containers

You have areas in your gardens and in your landscape that look a little bare. Using container plants to fill these barren areas are going to give you the most exciting and colorful looks that you have been searching for. Container plants are easy to care for with some requiring very little care all together.

Most container gardens are created for a formal look. The informal container garden often looks messy with varieties of plants and flowers lumped together. container gardens are a mixture of colors, textures and heights arranged in the container to create the picture like atmosphere that you want.

You can use annuals or perennials in your container gardens so that you have plants blooming at different times during the seasons.  Using annuals in one or two pots and perennials in the surrounding pots you will find that you will have very little work to do in the container garden, just adding a few new flowers to your annual containers.

There are various container gardens that are created just for their smells. Container placed on the deck or porch using your favorite flowers and scents are going to make the atmosphere on your deck that is going to create an inviting atmosphere that will draw you to sit by the containers on the deck or porch. Scents are a memory maker and when you have similar scents through out the summer months, your guests or your children are going to remember how good your container plants smelled.

When you use lighter color flowers in the container garden, either on your deck or in your landscape, these lighter colors are going to draw your eye to that spot. When you want to highlight a certain area, or to draw the gaze away from other areas of the garden or deck, using light pinks, whites and light purples you will find that these areas will be highlighted.

If you have a container that you just don’t know what do to with as it is looking a bit wild and out of control, plant a few dusty millers, a few that will tame down the container giving it a more uniform over all look. Silver flowers add so much to the over all look of a container and they are easy to care for.

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