fall greenhouse tips
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Fall Greenhouse Tips

With your greenhouse almost empty this is a good time to wash as much of the shelving down as you can. Often you will have soil, seeds, and other materials all over the greenhouse that are leftovers of your busiest days of summer. Washing down shelving with soap and water will help kill off bacteria, molds and any bugs that may still be living. Spraying down the interior of the greenhouse, killing any bee nests that may have been started in the greenhouse is also another thing that you will need to do during the fall. This prevents any bees being left in the greenhouse during the winter months when you are surely going to be spending more time in it.

As you are cleaning the rest of your greenhouse, washing down the interior panels will prevent molds and pests from living over the winter months when you are using control temperatures in the greenhouse to grow plants and flowers. Sweeping up the floor after you are done washing down the walls will be needed. Gathering up all of your tools and sanitizing them before the temperatures get to cold will be easier at this time. Boiling water will sanitize your tools so you aren’t carrying over any diseases from growing season to growing season. Folding and putting away your shade cloth for the year is a good thing to do right now. It you leave your shade cloth on too long you could be missing out on some important sun for your plants that you are moving indoors.

Before bringing in your plants for the winter, you should take a wrench or pliers and go through the greenhouse, making sure that all braces are tight and in tact. As the winter winds start, your loose braces and bolts could cost you precious heat and even panels that will blow off into the wind. If you live in a very cold grow zone, caulking all the seals on parts that are immobile will strengthen your building from that cold air that wants in so badly. Now that your greenhouse is sturdy and secure, clean and sanitized you can start moving all your plants in for the winter knowing that you are going to provide them with the best environment that you can!

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