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Why Plant Indoors?

I have so many of my friends that ask me what I do with my greenhouse. What a strange question I think every time I hear it! To me, it is only second nature to spend a little time in my greenhouse every week. I want to have flowers year round. Granted flowers may not feed my family or make me money but I just love the smell and especially I love walking into my own little space if only to look and walk around a little bit at my plants – at what I grew.

I could buy all my plants at a local home store like many of my friends and neighbors do, but they also spend a pile of money on plants. Even plants for their vegetable gardens are not cheap. I can spend about one eighth of what they do on plants on my seeds, and I come out with way more plants and vegetables that they do when they are planting in their gardens. Starting my seeds in doors is more that just being able to occupy my time. Starting my seeds and plants in doors allows me to have my plants ready weeks before others even thing about going to buy theirs! My gardens are beautiful and I am the envy of my neighborhood. I have been known to be picking tomatoes in early May from my outdoor garden because I have started many of my plants in doors in my greenhouse months ago when the snow fell. My goal for tomatoes and growing indoors is to be able to pick tomatoes from my greenhouse in the month of February. I just have to adjust when I buy seeds and when I start my growing season – that’s it.

I don’t have to wait for the thaw to come, or the rains to quit, I can just plant and care for my seeds! Just a tip in growing indoors though, I do wait until about a week after the last frost hits and then plant my vegetables and flowers in my gardens. I have this bad habit of never trusting when the last frost will hit so I do wait a little longer that what the weatherman might say is the last.


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