trees serving as a windbreak for a greenhouse kit
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Wind and Temperature

Standing in your yard or garden, it is the same temperature as it is about a mile from your home? I find that my lawn is much cooler than just one mile away because I am on somewhat of a hill. When I am planning for where I was going to put my greenhouse I used this to my advantage. I placed my door to my hobby greenhouse facing into the wind. It is my theory that if the wind comes in that huge door, it will also push the hot air out up through the vents.

How will you harness the wind to lower the temperature in your greenhouse? What are the effects of the wind in the winter months when you need to keep your greenhouse warmer than outside? You can harness the wind and the summer breeze in the hottest months by using your vents and your door to capture the breeze. The air, even if it is not so cool, will circulate in the greenhouse, which helps keep your plants fresh, and they will thrive better. If you wouldn’t use a circulating air, your plants could burn and wilt from the heat and the temperature of the sun. If you place your hobby greenhouse within the path of other structures you might have a rough time getting the air to circulate in the greenhouse without the use of fans.

During the winter months, it is also important to know how the wind will affect your greenhouse and the temperature inside. When the winter cold is blowing, you do need to have some type of wind break near the greenhouse to prevent the cold air from lowering the temperature of your greenhouse interior. You could have a few statues or bushes planted strategically along the side of the greenhouse where the wind hits the most.

You could plant late blooming bushes or trees so that during the hottest months you have the breeze you want, and then as the bush or tree gets it leaves or fullness you are getting the added protection from the winter winds. If you like to use birdbaths or statues, these could be moved from spring to fall so that your summer breeze is not interrupted but then in the winter months the winds would be redirected around the greenhouse a bit.

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