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Greenhouse Inspiration

Spring isn’t quite here yet, but if you have a greenhouse you can start your seeds now and be ready for out planting in just a few weeks! Starting seeds in a greenhouse is a little bit of work but if you haven’t ever tried it before you are in for a great surprise.  It is very relaxing as it gives you a little quiet time in your day to be yourself and to do what you enjoy the most.  Working in the greenhouse gives you a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city or your job while getting you back to natural products and a more natural way of living. A greenhouse can be your sanctuary if you let it. 


What are three benefits to gardening in the greenhouse?


You can break cabin fever. During the winter so many of use hate to be indoors, where the air seems stale, and nothing is growing, but in the greenhouse you control the temperature, the environment and you can grow what ever type of flowers that you want! You don’t have to sit in the house watching movie after movie, or go to the mall to find something to do, the greenhouse and the flowers that await you are a very interesting way that you can spend your time without having to spend hundreds of dollars at the same time! You will be making the most of your time and enjoying it at the same time when you raise vegetables or flowers in the greenhouse.


Working in the greenhouse, you can find yourself lost for hours at a time! There is no or very little stress in the greenhouse. Gardening will help you loose yourself in the wonders of nature and focus on something that requires just your time and attention for a great reward. Gardening is a great exercise as you are working with your hands, your back, and even your legs at times. Gardening in the greenhouse you can find yourself a whole new way to spend your time without having to rush around which means less stress as well!


Gardening in the greenhouse, raising flowers, raising vegetables and even fruits – you will know exactly what you are eating, using and exposing you and your family too. You never have to worry about chemicals and pesticides when you don’t use them! Working in the greenhouse you will find yourself relaxed and closer with your family because you can have the children help you in the greenhouse and grow things together. After your first year gardening in the greenhouse and you have set up all of your favorite needs, you will learn how to save seeds from one year to the next. So every year after this, your expenses are less and less when raising your favorite fruits, vegetables, and flowers so you can enjoy the fact of gardening knowing that your hobby will cost less and less in the future while giving you edibles and enjoyable flowers in return.


If you don’t have a greenhouse just yet, you can always save up for construction during the summer months but you can start your seeds in the house where you have a little space. When you have space in the house for a few pots and plants, you can start learning more about starting seeds so when spring comes you can plant these seedlings outside. Starting seeds indoors is a wonderful feeling when you see the results of your work. The blooming flowers, the ripe vegetables or the fruit trees that are growing stronger every year are all results of starting seeds indoors!

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