spring greenhouse flowers
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Spring Flowers

You have been waiting all winter long, and now it is nearing spring and the spring planting season. Using your greenhouse you can start plants earlier, you can watch your flowers grow and bloom, and you can have one of the earliest gardens possible for your grow zone. Plants that are going to produce flowers in the early spring months are some flowers that many gardeners wish for all winter long. Here I am going to tell you a bit about a few flowers that are going to bloom early in the spring months for your total enjoyment!


Hellebores are a great late winter early spring bloomer. This evergreen plant will provide you with flowers in the coldest of months. This plant loves the rich soil where it is mostly shady, these are single flowers on stems that you can put in a vase on your tables and enjoy during the spring months.


Witch hazel is more like a tree, a very fragrant tree that has gold flowers almost exotic looking. You can take this plant from the landscape and into the greenhouse during the off seasons. This is a plant that has very large leaves and will thrive best along the moist areas of a stream, a water garden, or creek beds. Flowers on this tree will appear during the winter months and into the spring months when your other plants will be dead or hibernating.


Camellias are a large leaf evergreen plant that will turn various colors during the late winter and early spring months. The Camellia is available in different shades of white, red, and even shades of pink. The most popular spring blooming plant is the Sasaqua Camellia. This is a plant is best grown in a moist area but in areas that are not too windy. You can keep this plant in a container or in y our raised garden beds.


Winter Pansies are just wonderful in the spring months. After the heaviest frosts of the late winter are over, these flowers will bring color to your gardens. The plant can handle the light frost of mid spring where your other plants are still in a delicate way. You can start these seeds in your greenhouse in the months of January or February and have them blooming in your gardens in the months of March or April if you like. This plant loves the moist soil that is associated with the spring months.


The Crocus is a plant that is most popular in the bulb gardens across the country. There are both fall and spring blooming Crocus that will enhance your gardens when your other plants are long gone. This plant likes the well draining soil and most often are found in the sunny areas of your landscape.

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