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Gardening Tasks For March

As the month of March rolls around, you have already been very busy in your hobby greenhouse getting many plants started and growing for the new spring planting season but there are still a few little tasks that you can be finishing up so that you can have a great growing year.

You should be making some shade in the greenhouse during this time so that your young plants will not get burnt off during the first bright days of spring, and you can most often turn off or at very least be turning down the heat in the greenhouse during this month as well. You may also need to start opening your vents in the greenhouse more often as you as turning off your heat sources as the sunny days begin to raise the temperature in the greenhouse. You can start to get all of your outdoor tools cleaned up and out of storage, as you may need them soon. If you have vegetable seeds and flowers that you have not yet finished up you can sow these now to still get an early start on the spring planting season.

If you are like me, you most likely have all of your shelving filled up with flats placed over the floor as well with just a few openings to step through as you enter the greenhouse. Some of your seeds that you have started in January and in February may need transplanted into larger containers now which will take a little time to get them growing even larger for your outdoor garden. If you have any plants that you have been hardening off for the winter, you can start to water these plants and bring them ‘back to life’ and get them in the swing of the growing season as well.

If you are not to busy you can start taking cuttings from some of your plants that you like the most to make new hanging baskets, planters, or for container garden for your deck and patio as well. Having a great garden for the spring, summer and fall – does not have to cost you more than a few hours a week in the greenhouse and this is the method that many hobby gardeners continue to expand their gardens.

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