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Greenhouses and Gardeners

What do greenhouses have in common with a gardener? Greenhouses provide many needed things for plants; flowers and vegetables, while gardeners provide many of the other needed things and actions for plants, flowers and vegetables!

If you have been spending loads of money on buying plants every spring, only to wish that they would live through the winter and come back next spring – now you can have an easy solution and save money while you are at it! A hobby greenhouse provides not only the plants and flowers with the needed environment to survive the winter, but it also provides your hands and your mind the needed environment to ‘make it’ through the coldest of the fall and winter months. Your greenhouse and you will work together to provide the stable environment for any types of plants that you want to grow. The physical structure of a greenhouse provides you with an environment to ‘get away’ from the rest of the world. The physical structure of the greenhouse also gives you a great space to decorate and make your own. You can give your greenhouse your own personality, and your plants will fulfill this décor.

In the early spring months, you can start to sow your seeds, bulbs, and starts – all in hopes of having a great summer garden –, which you will just other gardeners who use greenhouses, do. In the early spring months when the snow is still on the ground and the soil in your garden is frozen your green shoots will be climbing the walls of their pots and reaching for the sunlight that enters the greenhouse. When the spring months approach, and the warm days are not far away you can be planting your hardy plants outdoors in your garden. It is a great feeling of accomplishment when you are taking that first pot out of the greenhouse to enjoy elsewhere in your garden. The gardener working with the greenhouse structure makes this all possible. You could try to grow plants in your home like you do in the greenhouse, but you won’t succeed with the similar amounts that you can in the greenhouse, and the ease of keeping your dirt and mess ‘out of the way’. The greenhouse provides the gardener for a space just for gardening where nothing else happens.

When you understand what your greenhouse can provide for your mental and emotional needs, you will encourage other gardeners to own a hobby greenhouse or at least to come share in what you have been able to accomplish in your greenhouse. You can put your self into another world when you are in your greenhouse. Your special time in your little corner of the world will become a treasure that you will look forward to each day.


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