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Greenhouse and Plants

Do you have some type of disease or a pest in your greenhouse but you are looking for methods to identify or get rid of them? Here you will find some problems discussed that may just help you out in this area. If you have troubles, one of the first things you need to do is identify the little buggers then you can work on ways to deal with them.

So let's get out the magnifying glass and get started. I will continue on this subject as I find more information for you, my readers, to combat problems like this. If you have whiteflies, and you are getting more annoyed by them everyday, you can get rid of them after all! Using an old sock or stocking put some mothballs in the old stocking and hang it up in your greenhouse. After a couple of days the whiteflies will be gone. This might not be considered a disease but this problem is still popular in many hobby greenhouses. If you are having problems with tomato plants falling over and you think they have root or stem rot you will need to take a step back from the plant and think about how often you are watering them. This occurs most often in mature plants and can cause your plant to die. For some reason a chestnut mulch seems to help the rot to stop, possibly because it will soak up the extra water? The only other way to control this rot is to be careful in how much you are watering your plants.

Are you dealing with mildew problems? There are many forms of mildew that can affect how your plants live and grow. Some of the most common forms of mildew grow because the soil is too wet and if the plant is not getting enough sun. Reasons for the soil to be too wet are if you are over watering, the soil won't drain, or if the air is too humid for that type of plant. Solutions? Repot the plant with better drainage, monitor how much you are watering the plant and make sure it gets the sunlight that it needs to "dry" occasionally. When gardening in warmer climates there are many types of fungus that have been appearing. Fungus does not appear to be a major problem in the colder climates.

In short, you need to control this disease and short of cutting down your vines or plants, here are a few tips that you might like to try as well. Keep your vines spaced out well, keep them in the full sun where they can absorb the fresh air being circulated around them. As dew and rain sits on the plants the sun works on the plants and this helps to control the infection a little more from spreading to your other plants. When you use your tools around infected plants, make sure you sterilize your tools and your gloves that you used on the plant so you don't spread the disease to your other plants or even into your greenhouse. There are many chemicals available to combat fungus that you can check out through your local Extension Office. Learn to control diseases and pests in your greenhouse and in your garden for a successful gardening year!

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