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Greenhouse Foundation Choices

When you are getting ready to erect your greenhouse you have a few choices to make about what type of foundation you would like to have or whether you want one at all. Keep in mind that each type of foundation has its own price tag and amount of work to build, but many are easily accomplished with just a little know how. You can hire a contractor to build your foundation if you must, but it does cost a little more.

Depending on the size of the greenhouse, you may need a foundation or not. Larger greenhouse owners like to use a foundation to absorb the heat during the day to keep the greenhouse warm all night. You do have a few choices. The three types of greenhouse foundations are treated wood, concrete and brick. There are many hobby greenhouse kits that do not require a foundation at all because they are so easy to heat.

Popular flooring for a smaller hobby greenhouse is the use of wood because it is less expensive. You can build a foundation out of many types of sizes of wood, brick or block. When you are considering using concrete for the foundation and the floor of your greenhouse you might like to learn about water drains to keep the floor dry in the greenhouse.

When you are starting to build a foundation for your greenhouse make sure your start with a level dirt floor. Build your foundation and walls as square and solid as possible so that you can trust your greenhouse for years to come. If you are going to put something below the foundation of your greenhouse because you are worried about moisture creeping up into the greenhouse, consider the use of plastic sheeting of some type as insulation. Never use mulch or straw, as this will become a nest for bugs and pests that will wreak havoc in your greenhouse and with your plants.

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