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What is a Greenhouse?

Maybe you have been looking for a method to expand your gardening hobby, maybe you love the look of a greenhouse in your garden or maybe you are just wanting to start a new hobby that you can do in the winter months when the snow flies – well, a hobby greenhouse can fit all of these needs! A greenhouse is a place where in your own lawn or yard area that you can grow whatever type of plant, flower or vegetable (and fruits!) that you desire. The hobby greenhouse is a special place that you can design with flowers or plants and let your imagination run wild as you act like ‘mother nature’.

A greenhouse is best known as a structure for growing plants year round. You plant what you want, when you want and how you want. You control the sun, the lights, the water, the heat, and the cool air. The hobby greenhouse is usually constructed of a clear or semi clear substance that allows light in to the growing area so you can harness the power of the sun for your plants. If you like to grow plants that require little sunlight, you can use a shade cloth all of the time, and you can create shelving that makes shade in the greenhouse. No matter what climate you live in you can expand your gardening hobby into the winter months with a greenhouse. You can grow in the winter, spring, fall or in the summer! You can see some photos at where you will see first hand some photos of greenhouse blooming in the winter!

There are many shapes and sizes of greenhouses that you can find in this photo selection, as well as the different types of placements for a greenhouse. If you want a new hobby for every or any season, get a hobby greenhouse and get started on a new gardening adventure! No matter how little time you really have to spend on your hobby, you will find that when you are your own hobby greenhouse your inner most relaxation desires are fulfilled, I know mine are.

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