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Greenhouse Up-keep

Now that you are a proud owner of your own greenhouse, you may want to learn a little bit more about the upkeep of your greenhouse. Simply put, there is not much upkeep that is required from you as the owner, gardener and grower!

You should make it a habit that in the new season, every spring, you should wash down the interior of your greenhouse with warm soapy water, and then rinse well. This keeps dust and dirt off of your walls to let the best of the sun in with out obstructions plus this will keep bugs, mold, mildew and other such harmful ingredients out of your greenhouse and away from your plants. Most often you will find that there is not much upkeep when you use aluminum or plastic framed greenhouses because the materials quite easy to use. You don’t have to paint them every year, or change any particular part every year either. It is my recommendation however, that you check your seals, walls, and glazing every fall before the winter months set in just to ensure that everything is still in place to get the most of your insulation effects from these pieces in your greenhouse. As these pieces are most always made of out plastic or polycarbonate as well, the replacement period for these parts is far and few between.

Unless you have had a major ‘hit’ to the greenhouse, like the four-wheeler hit the side, or one of the largest plants you have fell off the shelf and pushed out a panel, there is very little maintenance needed for the walls in your greenhouse as well. The exterior of your greenhouse should be hosed down, once or twice a year, just to keep dirt, debris, and bugs away as well. This is a quick ten-minute task that twice a year will make your greenhouse attractive to look at. There is no real need to wash the exterior with soap and water unless you live in a high traffic area where dust can accumulate over the greenhouse that would cut down on the sun getting through to your plants.


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