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Your Hobby Greenhouse

When you are buying a greenhouse, you will need to study your lawn and garden design before you start to erect your greenhouse. Where will you be placing your greenhouse? Of course, you have many options but here we are going to discuss a few of the details in where to place your greenhouse to maximize your sun exposure and your use of the greenhouse.

You will want to have maximum exposure when you are placing the greenhouse. So you may want to walk around out in your yard about eight in the morning, around noon, again around six and then later if you would like as well to find out exactly what areas of your yard and garden are getting the most amounts of sun. You will want the interior of the greenhouse to have at least six hours of sunlight a day, and this minimum time must be met in the winter months as well to be able to grow plants in the greenhouse during the winter. Sunlight light is important for the photosynthesis processes in the greenhouse, to keep your heating bills lower, and for thriving plants. If you have problems with very-very short winter months don’t despair you could always opt for using growing lights in the greenhouse.

You most likely will also want to think about placing the greenhouse as close to the home or garage that you can within range of the sunlight restrictions. When the placement of the hobby greenhouse is close to a home or garage you are more likely to go to the greenhouse in the middle of winter because of the cold air. When the hobby greenhouse is fifty yards from your home, and the drifts are knee deep many of us, including me, think twice about wanting to get out to the greenhouse!

You also need to think about the trees where you are going to place your greenhouse. If the tree branch, or the tree itself would fall - is the greenhouse in the path of the tree or would the tree damage the greenhouse if something was to fall? You may also want to consider looking over your homeowners’ insurance policy. If you are using your greenhouse for your personal use, it will most likely be covered under your homeowner outbuilding on your insurance policy, of course all insurance policies are different, but this is how mine was handled. Unless you don’t have another building on your lot, but it is always good to tell your insurance agent about your greenhouse just so they can list it in case something would happen to your greenhouse in the future because this is an investment.

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