gardenmoose starts planting seeds in the greenhouse
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Starting Seeds

When you live in a colder climate you need to start seeds when the sun is higher and brighter than the cold and cloudy days of November and December. You can start seeds whenever you would like in the hobby greenhouse when you use grow lights, but if you are looking to save money you should start seeds in the early months of year instead. If you live in the southern warmer grow zones, you will have to make a note of how high your sun is. Living in a southern growing zone also gives you the advantage of possibly not having to use heat in your greenhouse, so if this is the case you will be able to start seeds whenever you like.

Some of the seeds you will be starting in the early months of the year include your radishes, onions and potatoes for continued eating during the year. Some of the flowers you can start are the Begonias, Ageratum, Black Eyed Susan’s, Geraniums, Marigolds, Bulbs (for inside flowering) and any type of green houseplant. I have also been successful in starting many other vegetables like my cabbages, cucumbers, lettuce and spinach when I am keeping my heat a little higher. You will have to be careful about how cold you let your greenhouse get while you are starting seeds, if it gets too cold you could freeze off these fragile plants. While I don’t use grow lights at this time, I rely on the winter sun to get my seeds to spring into action. In the month of February you can start your Calendula, Carnations, Heliothropes, Lobelias, Pimulas, and your Snap Dragon flowers for the growing season.

As the temperature is climbing and the amount of daylight you get is beginning to be longer you can start more vegetables as well. Some of the vegetables that you can start are your beets, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, more onions, and you can start your herbs that you like to use in cooking. You can experiment with the heat and the light in your greenhouse. If you are going to use grow lights and heat in your hobby environment you could start whatever type of plant you want and when you want. For those of us who rely on the amount of sunlight that Mother Nature provides we start with the hardiest plants for this grow time.

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