storing water in your greenhouse
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Recycled Water In The Greenhouse

Water is a valuable commodity no matter if you are drinking it, washing with it or using it to grow your garden. Recycling water is something that many drought ridden communities work hard at and can help you save money in watering your garden as well. If you live in an area that does not have a water problem or if you have a well you will find that recycling water does save on your electric bill and on the filters that you may be using on your well water also.

Laundry Water Recycled - The initial water that you use to actually wash your clothes is not considered a good source of water for your garden. The laundry water contains detergents, bleach and possibly other chemicals that can harm or kill your plants. But, the rinse water that comes from your washing machine is quite safe to be recycled to water your garden. There are some people that do use all natural methods to clean their clothes such as vinegar, salt and home made soaps. Most of these natural cleaners will still kill your plants and your vegetables so even this water is not safe to use in your garden. If you use a rinse bucket in your sink when you are washing dishes you could use water in your garden without harming your plants.

Taking a bath? If you have been taking a bath (not a bubble bath) and the water is not too soapy, you can reuse this water and water your garden. A little bit of soap will not hurt many of your plants, but actually help to kill some types of bugs in the garden. Water from a bubble bath would be too much soap in the water and will harm your plants. Keep buckets placed outside of your greenhouse so that they can fill with water as it rains. Keep in mind that to prevent attracting bugs, you could keep a lid on the bucket with only tiny pin holes in it to allow water in but no bug, or you could devise a fabric covering over the bucket to allow the water in and keep mosquitoes out. You would easily be able to use this type of extra water in the greenhouse and in your garden.

Watering your plants and vegetables in the greenhouse is a weekly or sometimes more often occasion in the summertime. Devise a method to catch the water from the drains in your greenhouse or from under the shelving in your greenhouse as the water runs down and out of your pots so you can reuse it again in watering other plants. If you are having a picnic or a barbeque outside you often will have a bucket of water sitting out to clean your hands, wash utensils or to put the fire out. Use left over water like this in your garden or in watering the plants in the greenhouse - every little drop matters when the dry seasons hit.

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