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Proper Greenhouse Care

Your hobby greenhouse is a special place that you need to take care of in order to enjoy it and your gardening hobby for years to come. Some of the maintenance on your greenhouse is a considered a little more mundane it can be considered hard work. There are daily, weekly and monthly tasks in the greenhouse more than there can be considered actually working on the greenhouse itself.

A few of your daily chores include, smelling the spring air, feeling the summer heat and experiencing the smells of summer – in the middle of winter! Other daily tasks could include opening or closing the vents if you don’t have automatic openers. Putting on or taking off the shade cloth when needed, and inspecting your plants for pests and bug are other daily tasks you could complete.

Some of your weekly chores will include, basking in the feel of the sunlight, cutting fresh flowers for the dinner centerpiece and gathering new fresh vegetables for your home use as well as others. Other weekly chores include watering, setting the misters, potting new plants, sowing new seeds, cleaning pots or tools as needed.

Monthly gardening and greenhouse care involves potting new plants, cutting fresh vegetables and flowers for your enjoyment. Other monthly tasks might include reviewing your greenhouse panels to make sure everything is still intact, maybe needing a little tightening if you live in a high wind area. Wash down panels that seem to be a little too dirty and buying new seeds or plants for your greenhouse use.

Twice a year, in the spring and in the fall, you should wash the interior of the greenhouse down. You should consider doing this to keep bacteria and molds under control and out of your greenhouse. When you wash the greenhouse down, all you do is use some soap and water and spray it down with a hose. Simple and easy pest and disease control to help your plants and flowers thrive. Continued upkeep and enjoyment of your hobby greenhouse is simply just taking a few tasks and implementing them in to your regular schedule. As you can see, the real task at hand is choosing what type of plants and flowers you would like to grow in your greenhouse!

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