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Hanging Clip Uses

Have you ever seen a greenhouse that didn’t have plants hanging from the roof or from the slants up to the peak? When I first erected my greenhouse I didn’t feel the need to hang plants, I was interested in starting flowers and vegetables first. Now that I have been working on filling my pots and my shelves are looking a little fuller I thought I would start on a larger project, hanging flower baskets using a variety of flowers to make arrangements. I wanted to learn how to arrange some of these flowers together, and which flowers would survive best together in a hanging pot so that I could use them on my porch in the summer time.

Since it is December, I decided to check out the local home and garden stores to see if I could find any last minute sales, which I did. I was able to by five ten-inch hanging baskets for just fifty cents each. So I was excited I didn’t have to wait and order from the catalog. I ordered some hanging clips from my online dealer. In the aluminum construction of my greenhouse, there are grooves for these hanging clips to simply be inserted, turned and they are locked! I thought ‘how easy these are to use!’.

The interior of my greenhouse is otherwise smooth and I don’t think I would be able to hang plants in my greenhouse without these great little clips. I set my clips, planted a few seeds and bulbs in my new baskets and then I hung my baskets along the roofline of my greenhouse. It is starting to feel like spring in my greenhouse even though it is mid December. When I walk into the greenhouse it smells different even though my plants are just getting started there is a sweet scent.

I was also working on trying to put up some plastic bubble wrap on the north side interior of my greenhouse. This is where my most heavy wind hits the greenhouse and I wanted to stop any potential air leaks and to add an extra layer of insulation on this side of the greenhouse to help control my heat bill. Another hobby gardener told me that bubble wrap on the interior of the greenhouse works great. If you have the least bit of static in your greenhouse or a little bit of moisture on the walls you might be able to get the plastic bubble wrap to stick to the polycarbonate walls without the use of any attachments, but I choose to use my little hanging clips to attached the top of the bubble wrap to the top of this wall. Worked great and I don’t have to worry about the bubble wrap falling down on to my heater or onto my taller plants. While I really didn’t need to put up this little bit of insulation, I did because even in my home, this side of the house is colder and I just felt it was worth a little bit of time to put up and protect this side of my greenhouse. There are some hobby gardeners who live in the extreme cold zones who do use bubble wrap over all four walls on the inside of their greenhouse during the winter months and are able to keep their heat bills very low.


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