watering cans in the sunshine gardenhouse
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Greenhouse Water Cans

If you don’t have the money or the time to actually run water to your greenhouse you will find it necessary to have water stored in the greenhouse for multiple reasons. You will find that you will want water in your hobby greenhouse not only for watering your plants but also for washing your hands, cleaning pots, cleaning your tools and for cleaning up the floor occasionally.

So how are you going to store water in the greenhouse without over running yourself with jugs of water? One method of storing water in the greenhouse without becoming overrun with water jugs and milk cartons is to use thermal storage containers. You will most likely be interested in using five-gallon containers of water during the winter months to absorb heat from the sun to heat the greenhouse in the winter; during the summer you can also use these containers to store water in the greenhouse without having to carry so many containers. Another method of getting water to your greenhouse is to use a hose. This is the quickest and easiest method of using water in the greenhouse during the spring, summer and fall months but you will be left with using water jugs carried to the greenhouse during the winter because your garden hose can freeze. I have a frost-free faucet run into my greenhouse, but I don’t use it during the winter months.

Because I live in a cold zone, I still worry about whether my pipes will freeze, the ones that run out to the greenhouse. So I too am hauling water to my greenhouse over the winter months. My system is pretty simple. Every time I am going to the greenhouse I will take a jug or two of water to the greenhouse with me, and when it is watering day I usually have enough to water all my plants. I use plastic gallon milk containers and I store them under my shelves to keep them out of my way

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