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Greenhouse Hanging Baskets

You will find that you will like to decorate in your hobby greenhouse with hanging baskets not only for your flower viewing pleasure but also to keep larger vine plants a little more out of the ‘way’ to make more space on your shelves. You can create hanging baskets out of any type of plant you would like, using seeds, cuttings, roots, bulbs etc making colorful displays for your enjoyment.

One thing that you should consider when you are picking out what type of greenery and flowers you would like in your hanging basket it that they should all be the same type, with an example being all sun loving flowers, all shade loving flower or flowers that require little water or flowers that require lots of water, that way you will get the most benefits from each and every hanging basket that you create. You can also create a basket that will always have some type of bloom by using spring, summer and fall plants combined in the hanging basket or you can make a basket for just a particular blooming season.

While there are many types of hanging baskets that you can create, the most widely used plants for hanging baskets are Petunias, Impatiens, Geraniums, Fushias, green ivy or vines, Viscaria, Vinca, Periwinkles, Browallia, Marigolds and Brown Eyed Susan Vines. Water accordingly to what your particular plant likes and if the soil is dry, which you can test by putting one finger in the dirt to see how dry the soil really is. Many times to top of the soil may look and appear to be dry but underneath it is still moist enough for the plant to survive. In order for your hanging baskets to grow into full displays of flowers and plants, you will need to rotate your hanging baskets occasionally so that they get the full exposure to sun, wind, and heat that is provided.

When hanging baskets in the hobby greenhouse you will find the best sun exposure at the peak of the roof, and this will also allow you to grow the vines as long as you would like as well. When moving hanging baskets to the outdoors during the summer season, you may like to put your baskets on a porch or deck for best full sun exposure and for best viewing of your creations.

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