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Greenhouse Crops

Your will find that just about anything you want to grow in your hobby greenhouse can be accomplished with a little work and a lot of patience. I often find myself checking to see if my plants have started before it has been even two days! I need more patience, but making it a habit to leave your seeds and your seedlings alone while the process is working will ensure the best results.

So, what about other plants and crops that grow in your greenhouse? Let’s look a little closer. When watering your plants in the greenhouse, water at the soil level. Even when you think your plants are dusty or when the leaves look like they would like some water, water at the soil level. As you add water to your leaves and over the stem this will promote rot and fungus, which could then kill your plant. Watering at soil level keeps these problems to a minimum.

When you are transplanting from one pot to another or even when you are transplanting from the greenhouse to your outdoor garden, remember to plant the roots as deep as possible. When you plant the roots, plant them as deep as possible this will build a steady foundation to carry the weight for the plants over its growing life. Another simple reminder: when you are transplanting your plants, stick a stake in the pot. As the plants continue to grow you already have the stakes, you won’t forget to tie it up and you are saving yourself a little step in hunting stakes later as the plants grow.

When you are planting larger plants and flowers in the greenhouse, you can use toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls around the stems of the plant for extra support. The paper will dissolve away when you plant this plant outdoors and it protects your plant at the same time!

Planting in the greenhouse is easy. Many gardeners use mulch of different types to make their plants pretty and to keep dirt from moving around as much out of the plant. You need to be aware that mulch will keep the moisture in the soil and you don’t have to water these plants as much as without mulch. Just keep this in mind so that you don’t over water the plants. When you use mulch on plants that you have just brought in to the greenhouse, make sure the soil is warmed up for a few days before adding the mulch. Adding mulch to frozen or cold soil will promote diseases. Adding mulch to the soil or the plant after it has warmed up is safer.


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