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Decorating Your Greenhouse

Your greenhouse is a sanctuary for you and your plants, how you decorate your greenhouse besides the plants and flowers is going to make your greenhouse more inviting. The welcoming and inviting world of gardening is a reflection of what you enjoy the most, so detailing your greenhouse to include the little ‘goodies’ of life is going to make the entire effort all worth while as you enjoy every minute in the greenhouse with your favorite plants and flowers.


If you have children, you are going to find that they are going to want to be involved in your greenhouse and what you do there. One great way to include your children is to give them ‘little tasks’ in decorating your greenhouse so they are not harming your plants, but they are included in what goes on within those walls of your greenhouse. For example, have your children color in a few stained glass window displays. You can purchase these inexpensively and your children can use their favorite paints or markers, and then hanging them from the walls in the greenhouse is going to make your greenhouse more intimate and homely instead of a few bare walls with plants on every shelf.


The plants that you have, that are most hardy, can be used to entertain the children and to decorate your greenhouse at the same time. Allowing the children to use markers, paints and other types of art inks on the pots that are in the greenhouse is going to make the entire area more lively over the course of summer. Allowing the children to paint smiles, pictures or write names on the pots that are in the greenhouse is going to keep them busy and help you decorate at the same time.


If you like wind chimes, using a stake outside of the greenhouse and putting a wind chime up for those breezy days is going to make your area more exciting and filled with sounds. While the wind chime can be inexpensive or a detailed and expensive chime, this is something that you choose and you want, and it will make your gardens livelier. Wind chimes can also be hung on the interior of your greenhouse from the plant hangers if you are known to have a few breezes occasionally in the greenhouse.

Creating an overall look of color around your greenhouse for those, times when your flowers are not in bloom yet, or for those times when the flowers are, dying off in the fall can make you feel good as well. Hanging a windsock or a flag in the area around the greenhouse, or on a wall where the sun does not shine in is going to make your over all greenhouse environment one that is welcoming and enjoyable all through the year.

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